Quest ScreenHouse 4 instant Gazebo


The easiest gazebo ever

Takes 1 person 1 minutes to put up

Packed size 173x15x15cm

There are also solid sides available at £25 per pair.

This is the original and best Quest Screen House, the original One Person, One Minute to pitch shelter. It is designed to be pitched by one person and is so easy that it takes less than one minute. It easily gets awarded the single person pitchlogo, so much so that is also gets awarded the 60 seconds to erect logo. There is nothing to put together when you pitch the screen house, it is as simple as :

  1. Take the screen house out of the bag and place the centre hub on the floor.
  2. Let the sides fall down.
  3. Walk around the outside pulling each side towards you and it pops into place.
  4. Walk inside the screen house and push the roof up until it pops all the way.

That is it, you have pitched the screen house, you are now ready to peg and to put the door poles (two fibreglass poles that give the doorway extra rigidity in the wind).


The screen house comes in two sizes. The 4 sided Screen House 4 Pro, or the 6 sided Screen House 6 Pro. The Screen House 4 Pro is 240 x 240 cm in size with the one entrance/exit. The Screen House 6 pro is 300 x 360cm in size and again has teh one entrance/exit.

First the sides of the Screen House are full ventilation mesh with the upgraded No-Chill Pro Mesh which allows air in, but stops the wind and wind chill, helping the Screen House to be warmer in the cold and cooler in the sun. As it allows full air flow it also means that you are safe to cook inside the Screen House (always remember to keep naked flames and heat sources away from the sides and roof).

Then you have the excellent middleweight Quest Tec210D fabric on the roof. This fabric is lightweight making it easier to use, but also dries quicker and is easy to clean. It is heavier duty and more durable than most lightweight fabrics thanks to its 210D polyester construction. The roof is waterproof and has taped seems to help keep the weather out.

The fabric has a modern coating applied to it. This coating helps protect you and the screen house itself. First you get a great U.V. 50plus protection factor, giving you peace of mind, especially if those little ones are using it to keep out of the sun. This same coating also helps protect the screen house, protecting it from the suns rays helps it last longer and fade less.



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Additional information

Weight 15.0 kg
Dimensions 180 × 40 × 35 cm


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