Quest Travel Smart Air Porch Awning Lynx 240 with rear poles


Quest Travel smart AIR AWNING The Lynx size 240cm x 250cm depth awning weight 7kg 

A light weight awning with air beam and the latest technology. these are light enough for 1 person to erect alone if need be .

Sale includes the pump , and FREE  rear polset (these are usualy optional extras at £20)

The pictures show the lynx 200 so the price on these photos are not correct for the Lynx 240 which this listing is for , the awning itself is exactly the same apart from it being 40 cm wider .

The small size is perfect when space is at a premium and when you only want a small porch. Whilst small the Lynx is still large enough for two chairs and a small table. The use of the efficient and simple Air Erect System (AES) means that the tubes are independent of each other and can be inflated with as little as twelve repetitions on the pump. It comes with a storm pole to add stability in adverse weather conditions.

Featuring the lightweight HydraDore SL fabric that gives you great performance in a lightweight fabric which makes this awning even easier to erect, use and store away when not in use. The fabric also dries quickly, making it even easier to manage.

The oversized large front window on the Lynx allows a huge amount of light into the awning, making it feel roomy and gives the perfect views when inside. All the windows feature internal blinds giving you privacy when needed and light and views when not.

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Weight 5.0 kg
Dimensions 115 × 25 × 30 cm


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